- Mission provides interactive software that has gone through a rigorous technical review process and integrates state of practice design methodologies, lessons learned from failures, and independently published research in a user-friendly format that can be customized for specific site conditions.


The mission of is to promote and help implement best practice engineering methodologies through interactive knowledge and technology transfer. Best practice methods continually evolve through research and development, technological innovation, and forensic failure analysis. Lessons learned from these endeavors are often published in technical magazines, geosynthetic conferences, waste related industrial conferences, and consulting engineer associations.


Staying current with best practice is critical to successfully manage liability. It requires more than simply attending technical conferences or the study of publications. Staying current with best practice means one implements these methods into their landfill designs. is the only interactive site that integrates 15 years of research with state of practice design methods to ensure that the professional engineer is current and utilizing the best software design tools available


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