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Design Calculators - Geomembrane Anchor Trench Design

Geomembrane anchorage design should prevent geomembrane tension rupture. The anchorage ratio, which is the allowable tension of the geomembrane divided by the anchor tension, is also given by these calculators:

Anchorage Ratio > 1 Geomembrane pull-out mode controls
Anchorage Ratio = 1 Balanced Design
Anchorage Ratio < 1 Geomembrane tension rupture mode controls

  • Horizontal Anchor: Also called the runout anchor design. This setup is typically used for canal liners.

  • "V" - Anchor: This is used for landfills and reservoirs if space is available.

  • Anchor Trench: This is typically used for landfills and reservoirs. The geomembrane comes up from the side slope and then runs over the top for a short distance. It then terminates vertically down into a trench dug by a backhoe or trenching machine.

  • Concrete Anchor: Concrete anchors have been used as an anchorage block, but seldom is the tension justified.