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Design Calculators assists users in implementing best practice because we are the only entity in this field dedicated towards creating user friendly design calculator software packages that integrate the key lessons learned from synthesis of relevant published research.

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  1. About Our Software
  2. Landfill Lateral Drainage System - Single Slope (2)
  3. Landfill Lateral Drainage System - Two Slopes
  4. Geosynthetic Transmissivity Equivalency
  5. Landfill Cover Slope Stability (4)
  6. "HELP" Model Analysis
  7. Innovative Landfill Cell Design
  8. Geotextile Filter
  9. Geomembrane Puncture Protection (2)
  10. Geomembrane Anchor Trench Design (4)
  11. Leakage Rate Through a Geomembrane Liner
  12. Leakage Rate Through a Composite Liner
  13. Landfill Access Ramp (3)
  14. Landfill Liner System Settlement (1)
  15. Landfill Cover Erosion Control (2)
  16. Use of Strips of High-Transmissivity Geocomposite in Leachate Collection Systems